David K. Diebold
Chairman and Chief Executive

David has been active in China for nearly 25 years, ever since he was first responsible as a senior United States government official for the implementation of the Sino-US Accord that established the framework for developing the United States' trade and investment relationship with People's Republic, in the early 1980s. He also led the first official delegation of U.S. electronics executives ever to visit China, and has worked with hundreds of other companies since, through the various stages of China's commercial development.
Drawing upon his earlier experience at the International Trade Administration, where he was responsible for all the industry offices of the U.S. Department of Commerce including Aerospace, Automotive Affairs, Basic Industries, Biotechnology, Capital Goods and International Construction, Computers,  Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Science & Technology, Services, Software, Telecommunications, and Textiles & Apparel, he has worked across many industrial and service sectors. David also served as a senior officer in the US Foreign & Commercial Service.

He is a frequent speaker and writer on doing business in China. At the invitation of the Chinese government, he has lectured at the prestigious Central Party School of the CPC in Beijing, at the invitation of China's Ministry of Commerce, and as a guest lecturer at Peking University and Renmin University.

David also serves as an officer and director of several Chinese and foreign companies. He chaired the International Advisory Council of the American Management Association for many years - the world’s largest management development company - and was involved in the early 1990’s in the development of its joint venture in China, based in Shanghai. The Diebold Fellowship program at MIT's Sloan School of Management is funded by his family.

David holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Cornell University.

Email: dd@dieboldassoc.com

Arno Nash
Chairman of the Advisory Board

Arno is successful technologist and venture capitalist resident in Munich , Germany who has been chairman, director and consultant to numerous companies around the world. He was a founding investor and a member of the Board of Directors of Nitzanim Venture Capital Fund. He serves on the Board of Directors of Datascope Corporation in the United States.

He established the European subsidiary of AVX Corporation which, when he retired as Chairman after its acquisition by Kyocera, employed 16,000 people. Its manufacturing subsidiary in the Czech Republic , which he started as a greenfield investment, is presently the second largest exporter from the Czech Republic after Skoda. Arno has been a consultant to companies as diverse as Siemens in Germany and Alfa Romeo in Italy where he served on the Board of Directors of Alfa Romeo Inc., and the Malta Development Corporation.

Notably, Arno was also responsible at General Instrument Corporation, many years ago, for establishing the first successful high technology company in Taiwan , foreshadowing the dramatic growth of the high technology sector there which since moved into the Mainland.

Email: arnonash@dieboldassoc.com

Mario W. Cardullo
Member, Advisory Board

Mario joined our Advisory Board in July 2007 following his retirement from the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C., where he was Counselor for Technology and Entrepreneurism.

Mario developed and chaired the US-China Working Group on Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship which brought together the US Department of Commerce, China’s National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC) and its Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) in a joint initiative supporting the development of venture capital and entrepreneurism in China.

Mario is Visiting Professor of Venture Capital at Renmin University in Beijing. He has also been guest Professor in the Private Equity Course of the Said Business School of Oxford University, the Master of Science Finance Program at George Washington University, at Hull and Bath Universities of the UK, and Visiting Professor of the University of Texas at Austin IC2 Institute, where he taught Financing of New Ventures. He was also co-editor of Euromoney's Venture Capital & Private Equity Yearbook 2006-2007.
A Chinese edition of his book Technological Entrepreneurism: Enterprise Formation, Financing and Growth, published in mid-2007 by the Economic Press of Peking University, has the unusual distinction of being referred to in speeches by both President Hu and Prime Minister Wen.

Founder of 5 private companies and an internationally recognized technologist in his own right, Mario was also nominated for the Presidential National Medal of Technology and the Lemelson-MIT Prize, for his invention of the RFID tag.

He has also previously served as a technology advisor to the State Science and Technology Commission of the PRC, through a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Email: Mario_Cardullo@yahoo.com

Lew Cramer
Member, Advisory Board

Lew Cramer is Managing Director of our associated firm Interlink Capital Strategies in Washington, D.C. Lew has worked extensively in the global telecommunications and broadband sectors, previously serving as Vice President for Media One International and US West International, where he was responsible for international government and multilateral financial institution relations and public policy for wireless and broadband investments in over thirty countries worldwide. Before joining US West, he served as Director-General of the US Commercial Service, which oversees the Commercial Offices in US Embassies and Consulates around the world, including those in China. Earlier, when serving in the Reagan and Bush 1 Administrations, Lew had also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Science and Electronics, and as a White House Fellow in the Office of the United States Trade Representative. Based in Washington, D.C., he is, in addition, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

Email: lcramer@summit-ventures.com

Alex Lin (Lin Yong Qing)
Member, Advisory Board

Alex Lin is the Co-founder and CEO of ChinaValue.net, China's first and largest real name business portal.
Recognized as one of China's leading internet pioneers and entrepreneurs, Alex also worked for many years with Intel, and was associated with Tsinghua TongFang Computer Ltd. He has an MBA from Xiamen University and has studied at the London School of Economics, New York University's Stern School of Business, and in the joint program of Tsinghua University and Harvard Business School. Alex brings a wealth of experience in China's dynamic IT, internet and new media sectors.

Email: alex.lin@chinavalue.net

Li Luyang
Member, Advisory Board

Li Luyang is the Chief Editor of China 's International Financing magazine. Before establishing the magazine, Ms. Li had been the chief editor of Tech Think Tank (3T). Among the first students to pass the through China 's higher education entry system when it was reestablished in 1977 after the end of the Cultural Revolution, she graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1982. After graduation, she worked in a number of different government departments and research institutes, rising to the position of editor, deputy chief editor and chief editor of several publications including Competition and Strategy, Business Strategies, and International Finance Credit and Loan Management. S he has, in addition, written and had published articles totaling more than 2 million characters on subjects as diverse as Guangxi, Local Mask Opera, Everyday Life in the Qing Dynasty and a biography of the famous Chinese anthropologist Rukang Wu. She was has also been invited to produce documentary films for CCTV and the Beijing Film Institute, and has served as a member of the annual business awards committee of CCTV. Ms Li's recent interviewees have included Li Lihiu, President of the Bank of China; Jiang Chaoling, Chairman of China's Bank of Communications; Li Ruogu, President of the Export-Import Bank of China; Robert Greifeld, CEO of NASDAQ; and Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank.

Felix Y.W. Chan
Company Secretary

Before joining us, Felix had worked for the American Management (U.K.) Ltd, the British subsidiary of the American Management Association.

A graduate of St. Edmunds College and Kings School Rochester, he also holds a B.A. degree in Business Finance from the University of Westminster, and a MSc. degree in Business Information Technology from Kingston University, all in the United Kingdom.

A native of Hong Kong, he had also, in 1999-2000, been a volunteer worker for Lions Club International, teaching secondary school in Guizhou, China.

Email: fc@dieboldassoc.com

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